From our land to the table.

Traditional cuisine in the heart of Madrid



An idea to create a traditionally innovative cuisine restaurant.

Arado is sensitive to its land, its culture and cuisine.


The unique and personal sensation of each diner,

provides us the opportunity to grow every day

transcending borders.


the seed of this project with love and determination.

We take care of every single detail to achieve excellence,

an authentic and unparalleled culinary experience.

Welcome home, welcome to Arado.

“An alchemy

of flavours

to take you

back to

a culinary

déjà vu”

Our main ingredient: the flavour of yesteryear


A Legacy of Flavours

Serrano Cocktails


Arado’s Grocery

Feel at home, as a family.




A contemporary space with an All-Day Dining concept. Influenced by wood, soil and marble, where you may enjoy the renewed flavours of yesteryear in work meetings, surrounded by friends or enjoying family time.




The perfect place to taste our signature cocktails from the hand of our specialised Mixologist. A three-stage experience to share with friends or enjoy on your own. Enjoy the best after-work in the city.



Indulge in its peaceful and pleasant atmosphere in the heart of Madrid. The perfect break from the city in which to enjoy our Private Parties and Live Music Sessions in a relaxed environment.

Grocery store: tradition, proximity and quality


Arado embodies the legacy of our grandparent’s tradition. At our grocery store, you can find the recipe’s ingredients that have seduced your palate to recreate and share them at home.






Much more than just a street, Arado fully identifies with what “I am from Serrano” implies it is a feeling of belonging to Madrid, a sensitivity towards our culture, its nuances; it is being both traditional and cosmopolitan.

Blending tradition and innovation, the new vibe of the old one, enjoying the tiny and great pleasures of life. You can enjoy the magic of its streets from Plaza de la Independencia to Plaza de la República de Ecuador, where illustrious personalities from the art world and culture like Ortega y Gasset and Rubén Darío left their mark. In our relentless search to recover the beautiful traditions that make us “From Serrano”, we also include the land, of which we are proud of, that is why we share more than a movement, we share a feeling.

Arado represents our passion for cooking, good service and good work. We are very lucky to have a great team of professionals who are passionate about the hospitality industry, always at the service of our clients.

An exquisite service with Meliá’s quality seal.



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